Ford Fiesta Powershift™ Automatic

First in Segment Hill Launch Assist – Ford Grade Assist Technology

Be in complete control with the Hill Launch Assist – Ford Grade Assist function that integrates the brake control and transmission to provide improved drivability on the hills. When the car is moving uphill or downhill, the brakes hold sufficient pressure for about 2.5 seconds. This gives the driver sufficient time to reach for the accelerator and take complete control of the vehicle.

Best in Class Fuel Economy

Get the convenience of an Automatic with the fuel efficiency of Manual drive! The Ford Fiesta PowerShift Automatic comes with electro-mechanical controls that eliminate the need for fuel consuming torque converters and oil pumps and give you a better mileage. Its 6 speed gear provides for a fuel economy of 16.97* kmpl.

*As per ARAI

Maintenance Free transmission for a lifetime

The Ford Fiesta 6 Speed PowerShift Automatic transmission unit is sealed for life, does not require periodic dipstick checking. Letting you drive for about 10 years or 2,40,000 kms before you go for a maintenance visit to the workshop.

6 Speed Gears for better fuel economy

The Ford Fiesta 6 Speed PowerShift Automatic gives you superior mechanical efficiency that provides torque to the wheels 100% of the time. Its higher gear to speed ratio is designed to give you superior fuel economy versus traditional automatics.

Creep function for a stop-and-go traffic

The creep-forward function mimics the gentle motion (forward or backward) of a car, without the use of the accelerator pedal. This allows vehicle speed to be controlled by the brake pedal, in places that require low speeds such as parking lots and crowded driveways. With the creep function, you can smoothly drift forward or backward while controlling the acceleration using brakes.

Dual Clutch for Easier Gear Shifting

PowerShift employs twin internal clutches to automatically shift between 6 optimally spaced gears. While one clutch supports the odd gear set - 1, 3 and 5; the other controls the even gears - 2, 4 and 6. The powertrain control unit electronically harmonizes the engine while the PowerShift Automatic transmission keeps it running at peak efficiency. Between seamless gear shifts, the engine torque does not drop off significantly, making the Ford Fiesta PowerShift Automatic perfect for Indian driving conditions.