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Ford EcoSport S Diesel Fleet Introduction | CarDekho Garage

Introducing the 2018 EcoSport S diesel. Read on to know how it performs in various driving conditions.

Ford Ecosport vs Hyundai Venue Hindi comparison

The Hyundai Venue comes with the best-in-class features and connected apps. The Ford Ecosport is no pushover and has been the best-seller for many years. Here is my hindi comparison video.

Ford EcoSport vs Renault Duster: Which Petrol-Automatic Offers Better Performance And Efficiency?

We recently had the Duster’s petrol-automatic version over at our garage and we tested it for performance and fuel efficiency. Having conducted a similar test for the Ford EcoSport’s petrol-automatic version previously, we compared data from both the test results to find out which of the two offers better performance and fuel efficiency.

Ford Ecosport vs Tata Nexon - Which compact SUV is best

The Tata Nexon is the safest car on sale in India with a 5-star Euro NCAP rating. I decided to take along the Ford Ecosport with me to find out just how good the Nexon really is.

Best petrol-manual compact SUVs in India

Looking for a petrol-manual compact SUV within a budget of Rs 12 lakh? We’ve listed out the options and picked the best one to buy.

Ford Ecosport vs Hyundai Venue review - see which is the best compact SUV

The Ford Ecosport was the original compact SUV that started this segment over 5 years ago.So does the old dog has a trick or two to teach the new kid in town or does the Hyundai Venue have the clear advantage? I try and answer the question for you.

Ford Ecosport Hindi review - is it still the best?

The Ford Ecosport started the compact SUV race in India over 5 years ago. It comes with a very capable and fuel efficient diesel engine along with a host of features including the best-in-class safety kit with traction control and the option of 6 airbags.

Hyundai Venue vs Ford EcoSport vs Tata Nexon petrol AT comparison

The petrol-automatic is our pick from the Hyundai Venue range. But could it also be the pick among automatic compact SUVs?

Hyundai Venue vs EcoSport vs Nexon - Petrol Automatic | Comparison Test Review

Compact SUVs are so successful because they're the perfect recipe for Indian roads. They have good ground clearance, butch looks, space, comfort, equipment, and above all, affordability. And if you choose an automatic - there's convenience too.
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2019 Ford Ecosport Petrol Long Term Review

Ford EcoSport is in the market for quite some time and in fact, it is the oldest compact SUV around. It is still going strong thanks to a host of distinctive features that makes this Ford scores higher than its rivals.

Ford EcoSport vs Mahindra XUV300 – Which one is better? | Diesel SUVs | The Kranti Sambhav Review

Ford EcoSport and Mahindra XUV300; one is a veteran, the other is the newest kid on the block in the increasingly competitive sub-compact SUV market. Both of them are offered with ample creature comforts, safety provisions, and gadgetry. We took their diesel models out to see if we could find a definite winner between them. Why the diesel models? To be honest, because the petrol variants weren't available at the time of the shoot.

Ford EcoSport S Long Term Review – Second Report

Ford EcoSport S Long Term Review


Indianisation is one of the keys to bettering the chances of product's success in the volatile Indian market.

Ford EcoSport S Long Term Review – First Report

Ford EcoSport S Long Term Review